Christian Giacomi

An attempt at a small developer blog


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My name is Christian, but my friends call me Chris

I am a full stack developer and software architect. I love coding, from pure front end to back end integrations… and of course all that using a container or two ;)


I am working with PHP and the Symfony framework as a backend developer, crafting the next generation API microservices for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. The team is working hard to ensure we use the most current standards for our work. We have chosen to use JSON API and document our JSON using JSON schema for the upcoming project, we are also planning on using Elasticsearch and Docker for our work.


I have worked on some really exciting AngularJS projects for the Media Archive at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, making heavy use of Sass, Grunt, and MongoDB.

I have also enjoyed working for several very exciting private companies where I have had the pleasure of working side by side with some very talented people, both in Denmark and abroad.

outside of work

At the moment I am enjoying to work with Angular and Firebase, but I have dabbled and played around with lots of cool frameworks and languages… from nodejs using Hapi, to python using Flask, and mongodb.

I am still wrapping my head around Containers and how to best leverage them and there is a little DevOps wanna be in me as well who enjoys using Digital Ocean. I have of course also had the pleasure of working with .NET, Java, PHP and more…

in my spare time

I love travelling and exploring new and exotic places and see the beauty that is the world. I love taking photos and also cooking for my family. I enjoy flying and playing golf.