Christian Giacomi


My name is Christian, but my friends call me Chris

I am a full stack developer and software architect. I love coding, from pure front end to back end integrations… and of course all that using a container or two ;)


I am working with Go and NodeJS/Typescript, as a Senior Engineer at The LEGO Group in Copenhagen crafting async reactive microservices.


I worked with Go, NodeJS, and some Python as a senior backend developer at Nuuday in Copenhagen architecting and developing new platforms for our streaming services.

Before that I worked for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation for many years, crafting API for as well as for the Media Archive.

I have also enjoyed working for several very exciting private companies where I have had the pleasure of working side by side with some very talented people, both in Denmark and abroad.

Outside of work

At the moment I am enjoying to work with Go and Swift/SwiftUI (iOS) as well as Angular and MongoDb, but I have dabbled and played around with lots of cool frameworks and languages…

Spare time

I love traveling and exploring new and exotic places and see the beauty that is the world. I love taking photos and also cooking for my family. I enjoy flying and playing golf.