Christian Giacomi

Multistage Docker image for Go Create a multistage Docker image for Go for local development and production environments
Mar 10, 2021
Git rename branch How to rename a local and remote git branch
Dec 20, 2020
How to set up the NSTrackingSeparatorToolbarItem in macOS 11 How to set up and display the new NSTrackingSeparatorToolbarItem in the toolbar in macOS 11
Nov 29, 2020
macOS context menu from an NSButton How to display a context menu when pressing an NSButton
Oct 3, 2020
Black Lives Matter Discrimination based on skin color, race, religion, sex, physical appearance, intellectual capability, upbringing or social standing has to stop
Jun 9, 2020
Simple PUT/PATCH requests using Go How to perform a simple PUT or PATCH request with a JSON body using Go
May 15, 2020
Git undo last commit How to undo the last commit in git, keeping your changes or discarding them
Apr 12, 2020
MongoDB index using Go How to create an index in MongoDB using Go and the official mongo-go-driver
Mar 15, 2020
Terraform and AWS SNS and SQS and Lambda How to use Terraform to create an AWS SNS topic and SQS queue together with a Lambda function
Feb 23, 2020
Alternative Command Design Pattern in Go A more idiomatic command design pattern in Go and alternative way to implement this classic pattern
Jan 25, 2020